Happy Solstice 2019

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinbeck

Dance on the Horizon - Bleached Cyanotype 2019 ©
Dance on the Horizon – Bleached Cyanotype 2019 ©

Happy Solstice to you all! I hope you are keeping warm and enjoying the holidays so far.

It has been a busy, crazy and yet fascinating time since starting my MA in September?! I haven’t been able to create much in the way of new work  mostly due to the intenseness of the Artworld theory module, but also the various small fairs, solo and group exhibitions, making, framing and delivering work to Oriel Seren Gallery in Machynlleth and Origin in Carmarthen where I have also had to steward a few times. Then of course, the yearly winter fair at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre with my Kaotic Kittus upcycled clothing label and a few prints (fair ends on 23rd Dec 2019).

@Corn Exchange Cardigan 2019
@Corn Exchange Cardigan 2019

Now I have some time ‘off’ to try relax and catch up with house duties, not too much uni work to do except write an essay and prepare my artist and process research of the past few months ready for January assessments etc…I am really looking forward to getting fully back into my art practice again, with lots of experiments and investigations in the coming new year… watch this space!

Happy holidays folks, see you in 2020!