Week Ten – 6 Dec 18

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” —Sonia Ricotti

I have to say that this past week has been quite trying, I have really struggled to get my brain working, write this blog or be creative. I have a list of things that need doing with deadlines in early January, but I just have no impetus to do any of it. I am exhausted. I have tried easing up and doing what I can, but that voice in my head is just nattering me to ‘get on with it!’ in a very unforgiving way which just makes me feel worse. I have just had to accept that I simply cannot do everything right now, that maybe I just need to step back a bit and work more over the Xmas holidays.

In the Studio:

I have been experimenting with blind embossing on one of my screen prints. Initially, I found it difficult to get my head around the whole ‘reverse’ concept of laying out the fragments and registration, but I did ‘get it’ in the end.

Preparing layout and registration on tracing paper
All laid out and ready to emboss

Final print;

I would quite like to try it with the embossing coming forward rather than ‘imprinted’…


On Thursday I allowed myself to simply ‘play’ with a brass plate. I was stripping the cured BIG ground off the plate and decided to leave some of it on and see what it would do when etched. So I gently cleaned it off and when dry I put in the Ferric acid bath for about an hour! It probably didn’t need that long but…

Randomly etched brass plate with whippet head stencil

AB suggested I lay a stencil shape on it, so I cut out a whippet head (of course 😉 ). I inked up in blue first and laid the whippet head down, then using registration weights to maintain plate placement, I cleaned up the plate and re-inked it in red, re laid the whippet down in another place and printed again. Finally the plate was inked up in yellow and the stencil laid down again (I probably should have done yellow first, but this is an experiment so…).

This was the result;

What’s next;

Over the Xmas holidays I hope to finish my power point presentation so I can relax a little.

More cyanotypes, if the sun comes out!?

I would like to spend some time in my home studio experimenting with spit bite, coffee lifts and maybe some photo etching on aluminium, printing previous plates and I will also need to prepare my work for assessment in January.

Wishing you all a very merry festive season 🙂