Week Eight – 22 Nov 18

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed” – David Viscotts

Cyanotype fever continued well into this week, I have become completely addicted! I even dared to post my work on a couple of social media groups that I’m in, with some really positive and encouraging responses; well worth feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I have really enjoyed trying various ways to paint the chemicals and lay out the acetate images, creating some interesting images. This makes me chuckle as I was so resistant to even starting this process to begin with.

I also had a great session in the MAC suite, successfully scanning my work for a potential online gallery and competition submission.

However, I do think that I may have over done it a little this week. I was totally wiped out by the weekend, with no energy left for myself or my business. Note to self- Take better care of yourself. Balance. It is a marathon not a sprint.

In the studio:

Cyanotype fever;

I turned one of my cyanotype images from last week into a screen (or two), so that I could try my hand at screen printing for the first time. I think the pre-process fear that I usually go through is lessening, as I only felt enthused; a positive result in my world!

I did however struggle with colour mixing, despite being pretty confident with putting colour together at home, in work and my life generally, when it comes to mixing paint/ink I feel a bit lost, I really struggle.

And so, onto the first screen print layer, yellow;

Second layer is magenta, I like how it appears orange over the yellow;

Final layer is blue, appearing very dark over the two previous layers;

Really happy with my first screen printing session. A few deviations of colours on newsprint in between prints, nothing is wasted.

Final scanned print;

During the screen printing session, thoughts progressed into perhaps adding different elements to the finished prints. For example; printing my photo etching plates as fragments, also a subtle, almost ghost like ‘over printing’ using another screen and even possibly painting cyanotype chemicals and exposing another image over the top. The possibilities seem endless.

I started preparing plates to be chopped up and seeing how they may look printed onto the screen print.



I tried the over printing with another new screen. Didn’t work out as I had hoped. To be honest I wasn’t over keen on my colour palette choices, I felt they were a bit too pastel for my liking. My colour exploration definitely needs refining.

I also continued with the cyanotypes, using up the prepared papers from last week. I enjoy all my experiments with this process. I really love the results too!


What’s next?

Another screen printing session using different colour mixes. Experimenting with the photo etching fragments. More cyanotypes. Definitely more colour exploration.

Oh, and try not to panic; less than three weeks till we break up for the Xmas holiday!!