Week One – 04Oct18

I am embarking on my final year of my Fine Art degree at Aberystwyth University. As a part of the third year we have to complete a core module called ‘Research and Process in Practice’. This blog page will now be primarily for the purpose of this module, I do hope that you will continue to join me on my journey.


Light Levels

First day back after the summer, both eager and nervous in equal measures. I prepared my self-evaluation feeling quite clear and confident about what I would like to be doing, but when it came to the group meeting, I felt less confident.

It is always good to hear the tutor’s feedback although it can send you into a spiral of self-doubt. Had another chat with both PC and AB after which I felt a bit more ‘together’ and able to begin.

Self Evaluation in note form:

My passions are printmaking and photography. I would quite like to combine the two.

I like the idea of creating something interesting from the mundane/uninteresting. (I am also a clothing upcycler, so this kind of fits)

I believe that I have a quirky way of seeing things and seeing things within things. Ambiguity played a part in my 2nd year theme, mostly in photography but it did spill over into printmaking.


Believe – a manipulated contrast photograph that I took of a lithograph stone that was laid on the press bed, to create a landscape image that would be used in a stone lithograph print.

Lithograph stone with part of my photograph being used early on in the process

Cropped Lithograph

Cropped final version of the stone lithograph print from my second year

Inspirations have been; natural world, landscape, urban landscapes, animals (especially whippets).

I have enjoyed mixing it up, ripping prints up and reassembling or just making an image out of something I saw within the original image. Using photographs in my lithography work.

Landscape I - mixed media collage

This is a collage created from ripped up pieces of my stone lithograph image and an ink wash

I began experimenting with colour and then found objects (feather) in BIG ground and etched. Then looking at corroding the plate by leaving in the acid for various lengths of time.

What next?

During the summer time was had to reflect and ponder, a few keywords kept coming up;

Happy accidents – Curiosity – Playfulness – Experimentation – Exploration – Ambiguity – Texture – Form – Pattern – Abstraction – Colour – Corrosion

I am very interested in the interplay/interactions between photography and printmaking. Quite like the abstract patterns created from photographic experimentation using imagery of everyday things, usually in close up and distorted with high contrast and quirky compositions. Bringing these into my printmaking somehow.

My main mission now is to experiment more with process rather than worrying about outcomes/final images, at this stage anyhow. I would like to focus more on the journey, allowing the process and its results lead the way a little. Learn to let go of the desire to control and drive it to a specific outcome.

Artists that have inspired me:

Sinclair Ashman; I actually met him and saw his work at ‘Printfest’ print fair in Ulverston at the beginning of the summer. I loved his experimental way of working and the images it produced. Also, his use of everyday found objects that he used to build/create his plates. I really admired his openness with regard his techniques and his fearlessness in trying new stuff and with playing with the processes.

Other artists include;

Nancy Boyd

Lesley Davy

Peter Ford

Claire Nash

Brenda Harthill

Dionisia Salas

Charles Shearer

Eunice Kim

Processes I would most like to experiment with;




soft ground

photo etching

Photo plate Litho

It will be interesting to see how these posts develop over the coming months. Watch this space.