End of Year 2.. Blimey that went quickly!?!

As my second year in Uni comes to an end, even amidst the self made chaos of leaving things til the last minute (again!?!) and the longing for it to end so I can pat myself on the back and put my feet up and have a stiff drink (and maybe sleep for a week?!)ย I still feel a little sad that it’s over for the summer…

It has been one hell of a year, a roller-coaster ride, highs, lows, tears of joy and despair, a bad bout of flu, depression and anxiety, vehicle issues, essay extensions, nervous breakdowns, celebrations, chocolate addiction, many attempts at stress management that does not involve alcohol, including yoga, meditation and endless amounts of Guto the whippet hugging! (Bless him).

I have indeed learnt an awful lot, not just about photography and printmaking, but about myself and other people, learning to believe in myself, breathe deep, let go of the need to control things, to go with the flow, to accept the things I cannot change/do anything about and just focus on doing the best I can with what I can change/do. There is so much more to doing a degree than just the subject you choose…it is character building and it can be a real game changer, for good or bad, that depends on you I guess. I want to get the most I can from this experience.

In printmaking I have been mostly working with Intaglio during the first semester and in the Lithography room this last semester, it has been INTENSE to say the least, trying to learn so many different processes, whilst trying to create reasonably good images isn’t always easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was a bit sad I didn’t get to learn screen-print this year, but I can do that one in my third year, so not all lost. I chose and have enjoyed lithography although I think it needs a whole degree all to itself!! I feel that progressing through a degree is a bit like driving a car at night, the road unfolds as you go, you are essentially driving at 60mph into darkness haha! Bit scary but the road always appears you just got to stay alert, trust yourself a bit and keep moving forward.

My photography blossomed in the second semester and my confidence with it. I nearly dropped it in the first semester, soooo glad I didn’t!! I felt that I had found my place and was really enjoying creating quirky images and getting them printed onto fine art paper, they look exquisite. I am really proud of them.

Deciding what module to choose for my final year has been a bit of a head ache (bit like lithography haha !) I wondered what the easier option would be (my default setting), especially after looking at all the written work that was ahead! I initially went for photography thinking that well at least with this I know what I am doing etc… but after chats with various tutors and thinking about it, I decided to take printmaking and use my photography in it.. I felt that taking myself out of my comfort zone would be better for me and there is so much still to explore in printmaking, so many avenues I haven’t had the chance to go down properly or at all and despite loving photography and being extremely interested in it, I do think I will get a lot more out of the printmaking route…. so there you have it. Feels good when the decision is made.

So, yes I am feeling a little sad about this year coming to an end, but I am starting to map out my summer, hoping to fill it with lots ofย  studio diary entries, artist research, exhibitions, photo taking, printmaking and painting as well as travels to Bretegne (another blog post ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to collect ideas, inspiration and material for my final year. Gulp, my final year….wow!

Da iawn Sammi, well done lass. I didn’t always think I would make it……but I did! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a selection of printmaking images from my second year:

Reduction Lino Semester 1
Reduction Lino Semester 1
Woodcut Semester 1
Woodcuts Semester 1
Woodcut Semester 1
Japanese Vinyl Semester 1
Lino test print Semester 2
Etching (marbling and rubbing) Semester 1
Etching the plate in acid Semester 1
Etching using BIG Ground Semester 1
Etching experimenting with colour Semester 1
Faux Mezzotint Semester 1
Etching Semester 1
Faux Mezzotint with double drop colour experimentation Semester 1
Indian Ink wash study Semester 2
Photo transfer and touche wash on Stone Lithograph Semester 2
Stone Lithography Semester 2
Playing with photo transfer collage for stone Lithography Semester 2
Prep for group critic -Printmaking Semester 2
Collage made from Lithograph Semester 2
Black and white close up photograph of a lithograph stone on the press bed used as a photo transfer on a stone Semester 2
The lithograph stone with the photo transfer and touche Semester 2