What I did last Summer #2

Last summer was a good one for ‘having a go’ at different printing methods, I set up my studio space and really got into playing. Here are a few examples of the results from my monotype printing experimentations;

Monotype print
Monotype print & pastel
Monotype print on quite thick Khadi paper. Interesting to see how using different papers can change the effects.
Fern print. So simple, so effective. I like this one a lot.

This kind of printing makes me want to look more into ‘Eco’ printing, using found objects etc… I did see this article on FaceBook a while ago about some guys who went around making prints from manhole covers and other interesting objects all around creating funky printed TShirts etc… check this out:

Pirate Printers: These Guys Use Urban Utility Covers To Print Bags And Shirts