There is something about Guto..

Sleepy Whippet Lino plate
Printing Sleepy Whippet by hand
Sleepy Whippet – Linocut

Sleepy Whippet (above) is proving to be one of my most popular prints (a sure fave of mine too) As you may well be aware, my whippet Guto is my muse, his quirky character and sleek shape inspires me a lot. He appears in many a print, drawings and even a painting..

Painting is not my forte but I do enjoy it.

I like mixing it up too;

Oh Hi – Linocut on acrylic greeting card
Pretty Please – Linocut

Pretty Please was one of my early linocuts, I do really like this one. Trying to bring my up-cycling into my printmaking work;

Pretty Please – Linocut with up-cycled patchwork frame
Playtime  Lino plate
Playtime – Linocut

And some collage too;

I just love making prints of my boy!