The Calm Before the Second Year Storm

I actually had a lot on last summer, I was running my stall and workshops at a few festivals and fairs, trying to make the time to create new ‘Kittus’ stock for the Winter craft fair season (as I would be back in Uni from September) as well as create new prints etc…as I also took part in a couple of exhibitions.. I do have a little confession to make though- I quite like the ‘rush’ of being under pressure, just can’t take it as well now that I am older 😉 One of the things I am finding about being under stress is that if you don’t take care of yourself physically & mentally then it really does hit you harder and is more difficult to recover. I am a work in progress on this point (and many other points too 😉 )

Anyhoo, despite the hustle and bustle and the pressures and stresses of business, I did get to create some prints, trying out new things and reprinting a few old faves..

My stall 2017

I am enjoying the transition from creating my up-cycled foraged finery to printed and sometimes painted art work..

Here are some of the potato prints I have been doing;

Potato Printing is easy and  fun!
Lamb – Potato Print
More Please – Potato Print and Ink
Hippy Whippy – Potato Print on hand marbled paper
Contemplation – Potato Print
Mr Guto – Potato Print on Thick Khadi paper