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This is me. (Portugal 2017)

Artist Statement

Samantha was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire, but moved to Aberystwyth, West Wales in 1992, and is currently living and working in Swyddffynnon, a small village nestled at the foothills of the Cambrian mountains in Ceredigion, Mid Wales.

Samantha has mostly been working as a freelance artist and self-taught seamstress since 2007. Also known as The Accidental Up-cyclist’, focusing mostly on recycled textiles, a real forager and rescuer of ‘all things fabric’, trying to save unwanted clothing and textiles from ending up in landfill. These items are creatively revamped and recreated into unique, funky, up-cycled eco finery, giving each item a new lease of life. In 2009 the up-cycled clothing labels Kaotic Kittus’ and Guto the Whippetwere created, alongside sharing her techniques by facilitating numerous creative up-cycling workshops.

Samantha graduated from Aberystwyth University with a BA in Fine Art (First Class Honours) in July 2019 and has continued to expand her creative possibilities at this university during her current studies, part time, for an MA, also in Fine Art.

Passions are predominantly photography and printmaking, often combining the two together and introducing other media to create unique hybrid prints and collages. More recent explorations have taken her into the historical photographic contact printing process of Cyanotype, but with a contemporary alchemical twist, along with various forms of nature art including botanical eco printing.

Inspiration mainly comes from the natural world; forests, landscapes and animals. Whilst also intrigued by the ordinary, the patterns, textures and tonal qualities that surround us, often recreating what is seen as quite mundane and ordinary into something very unique and interesting.

Samantha’s practice is definitely driven by an innate curiosity and playfulness; experimenting with the materials, as well as the processes themselves and exploring more closely texture, composition, layering, abstraction and the various interactions between photography and printmaking. Inviting the audience to immerse themselves into the elusive imagery and evoked emotions, the tactile and sensory materials, and the ever-present connection with the natural world.

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